Spacia Landscape is a landscape design consulting service company with its’s main services available in Bandung, Karawang, Jakarta and its surroundings, and with service area coverage throughout Indonesia and world wide. We strive to fulfil the growing needs of the community in the field of Landscape with the mission of providing quality landscape designs. We seek to fill the gaps in neglected and undesigned outdoor spaces and create a deep connection between humans and nature. Supported by competent and experienced professionals in their fields to create the best results.

Starting from imagination and needs, which are used as the initial basis for the development of ideas and design ideas, Spacia Landscape tries to embody them into our work as a translation of the imagination and solutions to people’s needs. With our attention to human-scale space and the interactions within it, we hope to change perspectives, create better experiences in the surrounding environment, and awaken a greater appreciation of nature.


The key starting point for every successful garden project is thoughtful, considered design and planning, working to your brief we can develop a scheme that provides they very best solution for your space whatever the size from small courtyards to large gardens. We understand that every garden and client is unique and by working closely with you through the various stages of the design process you are ensured delivery of a high quality garden whatever your needs.


The scope of our services is landscape design planning services, designing gardens and open spaces ranging from softscape or soft elements (plants in the form of trees, flowers, shrubs, grass, and so on) to hardscape or hard elements processed stone floors and walls, making gazebos, ornamental ponds, swimming pools, processed garden lights, statues, and so on). The scope that we handle, for examples namely the landscape function of residential buildings, apartment areas, hotels, resorts, housing, villas, office areas, mall areas, shops, schools, hospitals, etc.


The design is a prestigious work and is an individual’s perspective on themselves, so that in the design process Spacia Landscape strives to transform needs and desires into optimal design forms within a contemporary framework that is integrated with the environment.

Spacia Landscape seeks to implement this in our work as a translator of imagination and solutions to societal needs and seeks to fill the gaps in neglected and undesigned outdoor spaces and create a deep connection between humans and nature.

Do you need landscaping services? Whether you are planning to add new landscape design or you want to transform your garden, we can help. Take a look at our gallery for some examples of our quality landscape gardening work. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.

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